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I agree with the idea, but perhaps we could jointly post to major news 
services something on the line of how "Libraries took on the challange to 
organize WWW Black-Hole", or something along that line.  I be more than 
happy to contributes, and once again the archives would be excellent 
resource for such.  Just a thought.

Bob Terry

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996 emiller at wrote:

>      I have got a proposal.  I know that this is probably off-topic, but since 
>      the discussion seems to be ongoing, I thought I would throw this into the 
>      fray.
>      Every year, the Advertising Council creates an ad campaign for public 
>      service issues (see the examples at 
>  Perhaps it is time for us in 
>      library land to approach groups like SLA, ALA, ASIS and so on and put 
>      together a proposal for the Advertising Council and let them develop an 
>      ad campaign for libraries - all kinds - and all the services available 
>      in them.  If we want to let the world know what we do and how we do 
>      it, maybe this is a solution.  Below is some copy from their web site 
>      on future campaigns.
>      Commitment 2000: Raising a Better Tomorrow.
>        "The Ad Council is committed to making a longer-lasting impact on 
>      society by helping all of our children have a better chance to achieve 
>      their full potential."
>      The Advertising Council recently announced an initiative that will 
>      guide its work into the next century. Known as Commitment 2000: 
>      Raising a Better Tomorrow, the initiative means that all new campaigns 
>      accepted by the Council will focus on benefiting the health and 
>      well-being of children in some way. 
>      As part of Commitment 2000, the Council will develop multiple 
>      multi-year advertising campaigns that will provide Americans with 
>      specific action steps and preventive measures to improve the lives of 
>      children living in this country. Commitment campaigns will target 
>      parents, educators, people without children, and children themselves, 
>      and will address issues ranging from healthcare and education to 
>      family and community concerns. The Ad Council has committed to this 
>      approach for at least the next 10 years. 
>      The Board of Directors of the Ad Council decided to sharpen the 
>      Council's focus in an effort to make a longer-lasting impact on 
>      society. In announcing Commitment 2000, Time Inc. Chairman Reginald K. 
>      Brack, who was the Ad Council's chairman during the development of the 
>      initiative, said, "The problems of children are complex and require
>      many different types of solutions in order to create lasting positive 
>      change. The consequences of failing to help children lead more 
>      productive lives is, in our view, the most urgent issue of our time." 
>      The new focus does not require a complete overhaul of Ad Council 
>      operations since nearly 50 percent of our current campaigns are 
>      consistent with Commitment 2000. Additionally, a small portion of the 
>      Council's docket will be reserved for campaigns that are not 
>      specifically focused on benefiting children but represent other 
>      critical issues facing society. 
>      According to Ruth Wooden, Ad Council President, "There are thousands 
>      of organizations and individuals out there working tirelessly on 
>      behalf of children. We want to add our unique expertise to support 
>      their activities." 
>      Assessing the long-term impact of Ad Council messages is a vital part 
>      of the commitment. The Council plans to measure the cumulative effect 
>      of all its Commitment 2000 campaigns and will issue a progress report 
>      each year to media and financial supporters to demonstrate how their 
>      contributions are helping improve the lives of children. 
>      Any thoughts?
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