Electronic "clipping file"

John Kupersmith jkup at powernet.net
Tue Nov 26 17:03:52 EST 1996

Here's a new item that might be of interest:
The Local Information Center page of our library web site
< http://www.washoe.lib.nv.us/xlocinfo.html > now features an 
"Electronic Clipping File" of selected CNN news stories about 
Reno, Washoe County, and Nevada.  

These stories were easy to gather using CNN's keyword search
function.  I e-mailed for permission and got a quick response
saying that links to the CNN site are OK, although use of their 
logo is restricted.  Of more concern is their response on how long
the stories are available:  "Our stories are archived, but some 
stories, depending on their source, are deleted after a period 
of time.  We are not at liberty to release which stories must be 

This is not exactly music to a librarian's ears.  Still, it is
a free source of multimedia stories of considerable local interest,
and enough material seems to be kept long enough to make this 
worthwhile.  If it pans out, I may add stories from other sources 
(those that keep archives at all).

I'd be interested in any comments on this service, especially
experiences of those who have done anything similar.
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