Question regarding serving PDF files containing Japanese

Nick Arnett narnett at
Tue Nov 26 08:50:01 EST 1996

At 10:16 PM 11/25/96 -0800, Wayne Shimoguchi wrote:
>I hope that this question is regarded as being within the purview
>of this list.
>I am planning on serving some PDF files containing Japanese characters
>from my webserver.  Recently, a Japanese version of Adobe Arobat
>Reader has been released which allows searching of PDF documents containing
>kanji.  My question is whether the English language version of Adobe Acrobat
>version 3.0 would be able to create usable PDF files containing Japanese

I'm sure that you won't be able to search Kanji accurately with the English
language version of Acrobat. As you undoubtedly know, Japanese is quite
different from English in that there are no separations between words. The
version of our search engine (which Acrobat uses) for Japanese contains the
system for identifying the word breaks; the English-language one doesn't.

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