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BRANDIS Rushton G brandis_rushton_g at
Fri Nov 8 14:16:38 EST 1996

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The editors of Library Hi Tech are seeking nominations for the best and
most important library-related Web projects.  These nominations will
appear in a special issue.  Nominations, including self nominations,
should be postmarked before 15 January 1997.  Early nominations will be

Nominated sites will be divided into categories, based on the nature
and characteristics of the sites nominated.  Awards will be given to
the most outstanding site(s) in each category.  Descriptions and
commentary about all major sites will be published in a special issue
of Library Hi Tech.

Categories will include meta-projects, outstanding sites featuring
unique content, topical Web-guides of extraordinary quality, sites
featuring unique functionality, and so on.  The editors are seeking
outstanding examples of sites in order to 1) bring the resources to the
attention of others who would benefit from using the sites and 2) set
forth models of current accomplishment for others to emulate.

A site nomination should include:  1) name and address of the site, 2)
information on the support and sponsorship of the site, 3) names,
e-mail addresses, etc, of persons primarily responsible for the site,
4) a brief statement on the unique or special value, features, and
other characteristics of the site that merit consideration, and 5) a
more thorough description of the site, its sturcture, features, scope,
and current status in comparison to future expectations for the site.

Send nominations to:

C. Edward Wall, Editor of Library Hi Tech
Pierian Press
Box 1808
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
1 800 678 2435 or 1 313 434 5530 voice
313 434 6409 fax
cewall at
Rushton Brandis, Network Development Consultant
Library Development Services, Oregon State Library
State Library Bldg, Salem, OR 97310-0640
503 378 2112 x 224; fax 503 588 7119
rushton.g.brandis at

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