imagemap problem in NCSA httpd?

Stu Baker stubaker at
Fri Nov 8 08:37:14 EST 1996

>Subject: imagemap problem in NCSA httpd?
>Our main web site is running NCSA httpd 1.5.2, and has a couple of
>server-side image maps in use.  I have gotten a number of comments from
>people that clicking on parts of an image occasionally takes them to the
>wrong document.  I have seen this behavior myself, but cannot replicate it
>consistently.  I have checked and double-checked my map files to make sure
>that they cover the whole image and cannot find any problem there.  I also
>never heard of any problems when we were on httpd 1.5.
>Does anyone know if the imagemap CGI program in 1.5.2 has a reputation for
>bugginess?  Or httpd 1.5.2 itself?


I am not sure if this will help but we had had trouble in the past with
imagemaps on various unix servers (NCSA, Apache, Netscape, etc;) for a few
different reasons.
* the map file on POLY shapes contained lines that were too long (too many
defined points)
* the map file had DOS or MACINTOSH end of line characters instead of UNIX.

Both these things caused the problem you mention. With the POLY thing we
basically broke it up into two or three definitions keeping the line
lengths short. With the EOL character you can you use any decent editor to
change it to UNIX. Hope that helps.

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