webf10h.zip - Downloads Webpages & graphics to disk (fwd)

Peter Scott scottp at moondog.usask.ca
Sat Mar 30 10:51:19 EST 1996

I just been trying this and it's certainly worth downloading:

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Date: Fri, 29 MAR 1996 16:46:24 GMT 
From: Jim Borror <jborror at helot.arl.mil>
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Subject: webf10h.zip - Downloads Webpages & graphics to disk 

I have uploaded to Simtel.Net:

ftp://ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/win3/inet/webf10h.zip    73505 bytes

webf10h.zip     Downloads Webpages & graphics to disk

WebFetch v1.0H allows the user to download webpages along with the
matching graphics to your local disk.  It modifies the webpage so that it
will use the local graphics files.  It will also download any file that
can be accessed by the standard http reference - including CGI generated

Special requirements: Internet connection, either direct or by SLIP or PPP,
                      VBRUN300.DLL (available from Simtel.Net as
                      vbrun300.zip), Windows 3.1+.

Freeware.  Uploaded by the author - James Borror.

Jim Borror
hdollies at charm.net

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