Image Links Without the Colored Lines

Peter C. Gorman pcgorman at
Fri Mar 29 16:09:59 EST 1996

Albert Kemp writes:

>Hi Marissa....
>You just set the border attribute to zero.  For example:
>        <img src="image.gif" border=0>

Keep in mind that this is Netscapeism, not HTML. Aside from the issues of
the standards process and interoperability, there is a reason why the
border is there - it tells the user that this picture (or text, etc.) is
'live', distinguishing it from other images or text that aren't.

That doesn't mean that I'm unsympathetic to concerns about graphic design.
Sometimes the border is just plain ugly, especially with transparent GIFs.
If you want to go with the nonstandard markup, though, just try to
forestall the expectation that all of your images will be links.

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