listserv archives to web?

Chris Adams chris at
Mon Mar 18 13:38:22 EST 1996

One of the best for doing this is hypermail, available from 
or in the /pub/
The web page is 
It is fairly easy to set up if you are at all familiar with Unix and 
compiling in C. The problem comes when you want to make it look exactly 
like you want. Then you have to change the code, which can be a little 

Another program that does somewhat the same thing  is MHonarc,which is 
available for Unix as well as Dos.

Christopher Adams
Automated Systems
Oregon State Library
chris at

On Mon, 18 Mar 1996, Jian Liu wrote:

> Hi all,
> Could somebody recommend a FREE program that can convert listserv
> archives to the web, so that the results can be browsed and 
> searched? I'll summarize if there is enough interest.
> Thanks
> Jian
> Indiana University Libraries

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