Netscape problems

Whittier Public Library wpl at
Thu Mar 7 02:59:12 EST 1996

> We have Netscape 1.1 loaded on our library machines, both office
> and student lab PC's.  We have problems with it *continually*
> ceasing to work on all the machines. <...>
> I know Netscape has occasional problems but this seems too regular to 
> be a random glich.  Is there something we can do to the cache settings
> or anything else that might help? 

Some respondents have suggested that you upgrade to a later version, 
others have advised emptying the cache, and still others have 
recommended using a different winsock application.  Allow me to add to the 
confusion.  I have found that 1.1 is the *only* version that works 
reasonably well, never having been able to set up a more recent 
version, no matter how often I try.  Am I a numbskull?  Very likely, 
if only for stupidly expecting the developers to refine their 
product.  (To continue the metaphor I've used and re-used earlier, 
it's like expecting McDonald's to improve their burger recipe.)

1.1 works "reasonably" well, particularly if the hard drive cache is 
set to zero.  Netmanage's Custom was a nightmare of a PPP application; 
Trumpet Winsock works better.  If you have success with later 
versions of Netscape, more power to you.  There are folks out there 
who claim that it works fine; I encounter as many who despise it.  

Dean C. Rowan
Whittier, California

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