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D-lib magazine, the (monthly) magazine of Digital Library Research, is now
mirrored in the UK at: 


D-Lib originates in the US. It is "a forum for researchers and developers
of advanced digital libraries. It is coordinated by the Corporation for
National Research Initiatives for the Information Infrastructure
Technology and Applications Working Group of the High Performance
Computing and Communications program. Its objectives are: 

*  To stimulate the development of a common infrastructure for digital 
libraries and to coordinate research in those aspects that require 
* To provide information exchange about all research and advanced 
development in digital libraries, particularly federally funded research 
within the High Performance Computing and Communications program. 
* To encourage and assist the transfer of these research efforts into 
the creation of the national digital library system."

The monthly magazine consists of articles, news and commentary on all
aspects of digital library research, from Metadata and Z39.50, to the UK
eLib programme, individual projects from around the world, Internet-based
education and many other topics. 

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