WEB4LIB digest 189

Karen G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Sun Mar 17 17:53:13 EST 1996

Re the kiosk mode, Tom D., I think the reason Berkeley PL edited Netscape
was that they wanted a level of access above the kiosk level but below
Netscape's capability.  In other words, what Netscape lacks (and other
browsers lack) is a truly configurable kiosk mode.  You might not want
Control-L--but I would.  And I thought the idea of launching the clock or
another executable was kinda clever (I never would have thought of it,
anyway) but I'd much rather have a feature built in that allowed me to
disable executables and point to a page that explained why.

For history on Netscape's kiosk mode and Berkeley PL's negotiations with
them, the PUBLIB archive, on the NYSERNET gopher, is very useful

Where I work, the *only* thing we want to disable on our two public
workstations is mail and bookmarking (and at that, I'd like to make sure
*we* can add bookmarks).

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