Netscape kiosk mode

Peter Konshak pkonshak.ccpl at
Wed Mar 13 13:28:31 EST 1996

Hi Folks,

I've been considering running our public access web terminals (when and 
if they become a reality) in Kiosk mode.  I did a search on the Web4Lib 
archives and found that this is a relatively simple thing to do - simply 
add the -k option to the Netscape command line, and you're all set.

Well, I never thought it would be so restrictive.  All I really want to 
do is prevent people from sending e-mails and posting to usenet 
newsgroups from our site.  I'd like them to be able to open a new URL, 
use the back buttons, etc.

Now, I can build that functionality into the our homepage, but I'd rather 
not have to.

What I'm hoping to find out, is if there are any settings I can put in 
the .ini files to turn off e-mail, newsgroups, and the like.  It seems 
like their ought to be something simple, like "mail=no" that could be done.

I've studied the minimal Netscape documentation that I have, as well as 
the related postings in the Web4Lib archive to no avail.  Can anyone 
help?  Thanks,


Peter Konshak                             Computer Technology Coordinator
pkonshak.ccpl at                    Carmel Clay Public Library

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