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Kevin C. Marsh iai at
Wed Mar 6 15:31:21 EST 1996

Linda Woods Hyman wrote:
>I agree with this comment.  It is useful to see SHORT ads that provide
>useful information about universal problems.  Ads should probably be
>referenced as such ahead of time, and be limited to a predesignated range
>of words or lines of information...?
>>I think you're right to let relevant ads in...

Since there seems to be a consensus to accept advertisement here, I will put
in a brief plug for Information Access Institute:

Information Access Institute is a non-profit organization that offers
consulting services to libraries, museums, archives, and other information
sources.  Our goal is to plan and implement Internet servers that provide
high quality subject-based public access to valuable information collections
in compliance with national and international standards.  We are just
finishing a couple of interresting projects for the Florida State Archives
Photographic Collection and the Brazoria County Historical Museum.  See our
Web site at for details.

Our services include project planning, workload estimation, hardware,
software, and network specification development, personnel resource
planning, staff training, HTML authoring, WWW gateway creation for WAIS,
MARC, or other databases, database importing/conversion/manipulation,
catalog or indexing standards development, original cataloging, and document
or image file format conversion.  

All of our clients are non-profit organizations or government agencies.  IAI
can work as a consultant, as a partner in developing collaborative grant
proposals, or as a service contractor.  As a non-profit organization our
fees tend to be much lower than comparable commercial services.

Perhaps we can be of service to some of the organizations represented on
this list.

Kevin C. Marsh, Executive Director
Information Access Institute
KMarsh at

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