recommendations for public webstation printers

Charles F. Bearden cbearden at
Wed Mar 6 11:29:36 EST 1996

I would venture that the majority of our patrons have no other free access to computers with printers, much less to systems that will run Adobe Acrobat.  For many, it's either the library or a chain of copy shops that charges for use by the hour and page.  

We should encourage users to print their stuff at home, but to assume that they all can at present is unrealistic.  


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On Wed, 6 Mar 1996 07:16:37 -0800  R124C41 at wrote:
>In regard to the question posed by Robert Cameron, Loyola >University Library (New Orleans) [cameron at] >concerning recommendations for public webstation printers...
>Let me make the following radical proposal.  
>Provide **no** printers at public webstations.  

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