Rasmol, Wintab, Mathreader

Robert A. Paterson ax706 at freenet.toronto.on.ca
Fri Mar 1 09:00:13 EST 1996

I was wondering if folks on this list have experience with any or all of the
	1. Rasmol Visualization Program -- a molecular graphics program 
	2. Wintab -- a freeware graphics waveform manipulation program
	3. Mathreader -- the Mathematica notebook reader

I have been tinkering with the apps feature on our Netscape browsers, 
looking at file formats as well as "good resources" in those formats, 
with the intention of including some of these resources in our 
forthcoming web service here at North York Public Library. 

I have looked at impressive examples of the three formats. However, I
knew nothing about these applications until I "discovered" them for
myself a few days ago -- my background and my interests are, I'm afraid,
rooted in the humanities -- and in a year or so of lurking on this list I 
cannot recall anyone ever mentioning any one of the three.  

I would appreciate hearing from those with any knowledge of, or experience
with, any one or all of these three -- orsimilar apps for that matter.

Bob Paterson
ax706 at freenet.toronto.on.ca

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