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alan_j at supvax.sls.co.uk alan_j at supvax.sls.co.uk
Wed Feb 28 04:59:29 EST 1996

>My job is to provide
>what the header info should look like so that it will make it easy for
>future upgrades to the data base implementation as well as provide faster
>searches with the existing database engine by searching through the headers
>instead of full text.  Does anyone know of a format for such a header?

The best source of discussion and general information on electronic texts and
meta information (eg headers) is the Text Encoding Initiative
LISTSERV at UICVM.UIC.EDU (or LISTSERV at UICVM.BITNET). There is also a useful Web 
site. Although I don't have the URL to hand you can easily look it up on Yahoo.

Alan Jackson
Tailored Information, http://www.datatext.co.uk/ti/ 

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