processing a web site for paper-based format: INFO NEEDED

David G. Risner dgrisner at
Wed Feb 21 11:11:19 EST 1996

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Laura Guy wrote:

> i've developed a very large (currently about 40 meg) and 
> complex web site (loads of internal and external links) of
> international data resources (

Perhaps you can convert it to WordPerfect 6.0.  It has they ability to do 
hyperlinks within a document or to other documents and many people can 
run it (all you need is a 286).  You could then include any graphics, and 
your formatting would remain intact.  You could write a macro to do the 
conversion (if one doesn't already exist).

Two other possibilities are Adobe Acrobat and the Envoy product.  These, 
I believe, require a little more computing power (like a 386), but I'm 
not sure on that.  The Acrobat viewers are free, and they have them for a 
variety of platforms including many Unix systems.  Production of the 
actual documents requires the purchase of a product, but this might be a 
good alternative (both of these can do hyperlinks).

Good luck.

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