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Wed Feb 21 08:11:53 EST 1996

Occasionally, on every list I belong to, someone asks for help 
unsubscribing.  Sometimes this is due to sysadmin problems for the 
listserv, but often the person has lost the subscribe information (yes, 
yes, the administrative message always says "save this message" but we 
all pull the mattress tags off too!)  At AFPL, we require that a folder 
labelled "subscribe" be set up for each email account where these 
messages are saved.  In fact, the 
librarians set this up as part of their email training.  When a librarian 
with an email account gives notice, the email committee chair sends an 
email message reminding them to unsubscribe to listservs and delete all 
mail except the subscribe folder.  The Computer Services Department will 
then go in and unsubscribe to all listservs, and will delete all  
other folders unread, after the librarian has left 
and before closing the account, for insurance.  In the case of someone 
leaving hurriedly 
(termination, hit by a bus), which fortunately never happens, we can 
delete their folders and unsubscribe to listservs.  This is good 
citizenship--to prevent bounces and save bandwidth on listservs-- which are 
public service type things, but also, for those like me with increasingly 
faulty memories and bad paper filing skills, it helps to have the info 
handy online in a folder.

Not a web issue, but my guess is that many of you manage the email as 
well, so a hopefully helpful tip that I figured out when I lost 
unsubscribe information myself and got flamed for asking online!


On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Margaret A Clarke wrote:

> If there is anyone who has instructions on how I can remove myself from 
> this list please forward them to me.
> Thanks,
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