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Edlef Stabenau stabenau at
Wed Feb 21 02:36:40 EST 1996

> The following site  by Sam Choukri has a simple, easy process for
> choosing background colors, text, and link colors that would be useful
> for quickly designing color enhanced web pages or for HTML training:
> >

Hi Linda,
a nice tool for the quick design of coloured webpages is (only for 
                      The Color Manipulation Device v1.0U
                         Freely Distributable ShareWare
The Color Manipulation Device v1.0U is a Windows utility to help you
choose colors for your web pages. 
Features -

* Automatically builds a correct body tag.
* You can change BGCOLOR, TEXT, LINK, ALINK, and VLINK colors.
* Sample Window shows how all the colors will display together.
* Full background image support.
Chris Pearce
yyz at

4880 SW Scholls Ferry RD #25
Portland, OR  97225-1699
Be sure to visit the home page of it all...

Greetings from Hamburg

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