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Keith Engwall engwall at
Tue Feb 20 10:40:34 EST 1996

Say, have you checked the systems at your library for the Concept Virus
(the lovely little Word Macro Virus that saves things as templates)?  If
so, what did you use?  I spent a lovely weekend running the MS Word Virus
Protection Tool on some of our systems here, only it's got a few hitches.
Systems that have 600+ files on them seem to take at least 30 minutes PER
100 files just to *find* the files to check.  Then it's another hour or two
of clicking the "Yes" button to verify that you want to turn an infected
template into an uninfected document.  And, of course, if it runs into a
snag you get an error "String Too Long" and it halts... and you have to
move the file to the desktop and start the whole thing over again (yes,
this is on the Mac... I haven't tried it on a PC yet).  Practically our
whole staff was infected.

If you have dealt with this, and have found a more efficient method of
dealing with this beasty, I'd appreciate hearing about it.  If you haven't
dealt with it yet, you probably want to do so... the Microsoft Macro Virus
Protection Tool can be found at (if
anyone has a more specific URL, please post it).


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