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>On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, William Oldfield wrote:
>> If a person comes into the Library and uses our Electronic form (which we
>> prefer) or fills out a paper ILL request, they must be valid users or our
>> ILL departemnt does not fill the order.  I am sure that any ILL department
>> checks to see if a borrower is a valid user before working on the order and
>> the electronic submission method is no different.
>I wouldn't be so sure - I've worked in (unnamed) libraries where the ILL
>department didn't check every request for patron eligibility, because the
>technology made it so much of a hassle.

also, there are some libraries where the sheer volume of ILL is so much
that a solution requiring the manual checking of each form would be
impossible.  One where I've worked at used student ID numbers to automate
this procedure.  The ILL department existed primarily to work on the
validity of the bibliographic verification--not the patron.

I can see where the .h* restriction might work for a small place lookign
for a low-cost entry-level solution... but another point: it also means ILL
can't be done from remote sites (e.g. home)--right?  If I log in from (or... yay!  soon enough!, the machine
won't recognize me.

Karen, carefully not responding to the "let's not have a thread" thread,
believing threads die a natural death if you LET them...

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