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Linda Dehnad lindad at
Fri Feb 9 13:57:37 EST 1996

David King and Joe Schallan have a point, that there's no point in 
darkening pages and exascerbate the problem. I had time yesterday to surf 
the net looking for things and the number of black pages had a powerful 
effect on me. The far reaching consequences of the legislation became a 
dramatic reality, and I realized too that the objections to the 
legislation are widespread.

	For months I've gotten messages from concerned net people asking 
us all to contact our senators, congressmen, the president, etc. to speak 
up against the bill. The letters were from a group of very informed long 
time, almost professional net people. It sounded very specialized to me.
Yesterday reality set it, and the extent of the damage was drmatically 
demonstrated by the number of black pages. It made me profoundly sad to 
realize what was happening. This is a new medium and it was hard for me 
to grasp the reality of the threat. Until yesterday.

Linda Dehnad
Kansai Gaidai Hawaii College   Honolulu, Hawaii

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