Frames--What's the big deal?

Oliver Heyer oheyer at
Mon Feb 5 12:54:26 EST 1996

Take a look at the following:

The URL will take you to the first page of a parallel text of Aeschylus' 
Agamemnon -- the Greek in one frame, English in the other.  The text is 
part of the Perseus Project's digital library of ancient Greek authors.  
I assume that because the frames tag currently has such limited support, 
parallel text has not yet been made a standard feature in Perseus.  To get 
the effect, you need to type "alltext" into the URL.

Admittedly, this particular site is of interest to a fairly limited 
audience, but I think it is an example of a pretty good (and obvious) 
use of frames.

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On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Janet Meyers wrote:

> Frames seem to be "the thing" these days, but I haven't found a site 
> that uses them that I like yet.  Navigating them seems difficult and I 
> find the small windows inconvenient.  Am I just not looking at the right 
> ones?  Can anyone give me some examples of "good" ones?  Are there any 
> online tutorials on creating frames?
> Thanks in advance.
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