Frames--What's the big deal?

Peter Graham, RUL psgraham at
Mon Feb 5 09:50:42 EST 1996

From:  Peter Graham, Rutgers University Libraries
Frames, I thought, were a development not so much for users as for
publishers, and (I thought I understood) had more to do with commercial
interests, such as assuring that advertising displays around the changeable
page, than with user needs.  So far no one has described to me their *use*
from the consumer's point of view.  

I have seen one set of uses that might be a way to go:  the person at U of
Rochester who is putting up a lot of old magazines on the Web is using frames
in a way that shows tables of contents down the left and the articles on the
right, with frames at the top showing source and other graphics.  A bit busy,
and when I read a few pages my browser tells me I'm out of space, but maybe
it's a way to go.  The URL I'm looking at is


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