URL: inactivity timeout script for Mac/Netscape

Peter Brueggeman pbruegge at gort.ucsd.edu
Thu Feb 1 15:39:53 EST 1996


This is a simple script which checks for user inactivity at regular
intervals does the following if the machine is
not in use:

     close any open Finder windows 
     hide any running programs (does not quit them, telnet sessions left
open should timeout) 
     reset Netscape to a defaut page, closing any extra Netscape windows and
stretching the window to fit
     a 14 inch screen. 

If the machine is busy, the script can give the user extra time before the
next check.

This script does not provide any security or tamper resistant measures to
the Mac it is running on.

Peter Brueggeman, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library
University of Calif San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr, Dept 0175C
San Diego CA 92093-0175 USA
  pbrueggeman at ucsd.edu;       http://www.ucsd.edu/siolibrary/
  Telephone: 619/534-1230;    Fax: 619/534-5269

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