computer locking cables...

Mark Thomas Paul mtpaul01 at
Tue Feb 6 15:59:21 EST 1996

Recently I posted a question regarding computer locking cables and which
version/brand/style was rated better by web4lib subscribers.  In summary for
the list, several people responded with the brand they are using and other
useful suggestions.  Thanks to all who responded.  Brands from responses are

By the way, we decided to just order a version from a popular library supply
catalog, simply because we have an account with them and their response time
is excellent.  The version we ordered has a 400 pound resistance glue. As 
we add more stations or if we experience problems with the version we 
decided on, we'll consider other brands.

___________________Response summaries________________________

 Qualtec LOK-KIT 

 Anchor Pad 

 Technulock (supplied by a Canadian firm) 

 Alpine Security Products 
        ***note: this seattle firm supplies products in the area, but 
           will refer you to their supplier for mail orders.***

 Global (catalog)


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