Is there already a solution for commerce in the internet???

Roberto Nascimento master at
Mon Feb 5 21:29:30 EST 1996

I've been reading a lot about the commerce at Internet, but I'll ask you a silly question about something that I can't understand:

Why is not secure to type the credit card number even in a Netscape browser? If it is encrypted why is not secure? That little key on the bottom bar means that is secure, right? Sites like Internet Shopping or the Internet Travel Network they say they are secure, aren't they? Like in the Internet Travel Network, they have the "TRY OUR SECURE SERVER" is it safe or not. The question is: if it's already known that is not safe, why do they write this? Or if it is safe, why all this thing about DigiCash, FV and others? Is there already a solution or not?

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