new listserv LIBCAL for events, conferences, etc.

Dennis Tucker dennis at
Mon Feb 5 16:46:33 EST 1996

	We are pleased to annouce the opening of the LIBCAL listserv
containing announcements of conferences, workshops, seminars, and other
events of interest to the library and information science community. 

	This list is being cross-posted to a couple of lists for
librarians, so please excuse the cross-posting.  Please share this
information with other groups as appropriate. 

	Complete information follows.

LIBCAL is a listserv for members of the international Library and
Information Science community. 

The purpose of the list is to inform members of the Library and
Information Science community of conferences, workshops, seminars, and
meetings which may be of interest to them in furthering their professional
education and fulfilling their professional responsibilities.

Any individual or group which is aware of an event of interest to a
sizable portion of the Library and Information Science community may post
that event to this list.  Events which are highly localized or of
potential interest to only a few should not be posted in order to keep
from cluttering the list.  Hosts of local events should seek other means
of publicizing them. 

Events which are strictly "for profit" should not be posted.  It is
acceptable to post events for which a fee is charged, but these should be
events sponsored by organizations within the Library and Information
Science community such as library schools, library networks, or library

Events which are deemed inappropriate will be removed from the list by the
list manager.  If a user persists in posting events which are not
appropriate to the list, he/she will be removed from the list. 

List archives are accessible via WWW at:


In the future, we hope to make the list fully searchable.

Messages for the list LIBCAL should be posted to LIBCAL at

The subject line of the message should contain first the date, then the 
name of the conference, e.g.:

	1/28/98 Libraries and Technology conference
	2/23-28/99 Library Space Planning conference

As this list originates from the U.S., please post dates in U.S. format: 
MM/DD/YY.  Events which cover multiple days should be entered as in the
second example above or by starting date only.  This format will make the
list easier to search. 

For detailed information about how to subscribe, unsubscribe, or post 
messages to this discussion list, send an email message containing the 
following two lines to 'majordomo at'


The above two lines should be included in the text of the email message.  
The 'Subject Line' of the email is ignored.

For questions of problems pertaining to the list, please contact the list 

	Dennis C. Tucker
	dennis at


Dennis C. Tucker, M.A.T., M.L.S., Project Hi-Net Director
INCOLSA (Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority)
        Phone: (317) 298-6570          FAX: (317) 328-2380
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