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Karl Beiser beiser at
Fri Feb 2 17:52:52 EST 1996

> From:          "Dale E. Goodell" <GOODELD at>

> We are planning in a few months to provide access to our Library's 
> Compact Disc Network, as well as internet resources through our 
> Library's (yet to be developed) home page on the WWW.  Our Windows 
> and Netscape software will be running on a Novell NetWare fileserver, 
> currently running NetWare v3.11 (soon to be upgraded to v4.1)...

This brings up a separate question unrelated to a home page timer 
function.  Are all the Web users in-house on the LAN?  Or are they 
also coming in via TCP connections from elsewhere?  In either (or 
both) cases, how are these Windows (and perhaps DOS?) programs going 
to be presented to users of a Web browser?  Unless I misread, this is 
a distinctly non-trivial enterprise, though one with high utility.  
In short, how will this work?

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