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Carl Snow carl at thorplus.lib.purdue.edu
Mon Dec 18 14:57:59 EST 1995

I am not sure about cheaper, there are public domain web interfaces to
OPACS.  A windows interface works only on one platform while a Web
interface works on all major platforms.

>Many library vendors have already developed the Web-interfaced OPACs,
>such as Innopac, DRA, SIRSI WebCat, VTLS, PALS, etc.
>        Along this line, I was wondering if any library has thought
>        about windows interfaced OPACs.  I heard that some libraries
>        have tried this and works much like the web based OPACS, with
>        cost a lot cheaper than the commercial web based system.
>        I would like to hear comments from people from those libraries too.
>        --Angelina
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