help with printing from netscape?

judy brugger jmb10 at
Tue Dec 12 16:09:46 EST 1995

We're running wfwg 3.11 here to connect pc's (IBM 350's, pentiums) to HP
Laser jet 4p/4mp's, and very frequently when we try to print pages  from
netscape, the printer stops after a few lines and then shoots out an
otherwise blank page that announces an "offending command."  Anybody else
get these?  Is it the wfwg printer driver that's to blame? Please let me
know if there's anything I can do.  Thanks.

--Judy Brugger
Judith M. Brugger
Information Technology Librarian
Central Technical Services
107B Olin Library
Ithaca, NY  14853-5301
(voice) 607-255-4953
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