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Sun Dec 10 14:48:21 EST 1995

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, Eric Kledzik wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Dec 1995, Anne Womack wrote:
> > I am working on a Web publishing project that involves getting copyright 
> > permission for several images that we are using.  One of the 
> > copyright holders responded to me that we can use the image on the 
> > Web if it is in a "non-downloadable format".  I do not know of such a 
> > format; none of our tech folks here know of such a format.  Anybody 
> > out there know of such?  Please.
> Anne, 
> 	You can use gif, or jpg format.  I believe, that the holders just don't 
> want you putting the picture into the icon directory or putting it onto 
> your page as a download link.  I suggest just inculding the gif or jpg in 
> the same directory as your html document (or creating a symbolic link to 
> that directory and file).
> <img src="/dir of html doc/pic.jpg"> and then testing it on your browser to 
> make sure you cannot download it or access it in any way.  That's my best 
> guess on non-downloadable image.
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> Computer Services
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> ekledzik at
Of course, If you are on a mac, you can just hold the mouse button down 
until the pop-up menu appears and select download this image.  The 
samething can be done opn an PC with the right mouse button.

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