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>It would seem that focusing on a specific user group such as librarians
>would make software development easier rather than trying to meet the needs
>of Joe Anybody.

Please don't focus on one group.  As a librarian with programming
experience, I know that I use our intergrated library system differently
than an end-user patron.  My perspective on subject searching (which I never
use) is going to be very different from a patron's.  The problem is
getting input from all groups involved, be they programmers, librarians,
patrons, interface designers, etc., AND getting that input in terms that
each group understands.  I've sat in meetings with just librarians using
vocabularly and jargon we all recognize. Yet, we've come up with different
understandings because the definitions vary among us.  While it is
frustrating, we each have to keep repeating versions of the same questions
and answers until the whole group has the same understanding.  Yes, it can
be repetitive and boring but I'd rather be asked five times than not at all.
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